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Kodiak Rehoming Request

My name is Kodiak (AKA Kodi). I’m a 7-8 years old, Newfoundland mix!  I’m a big, handsome boy weighing approximately 63lbs. Some people think I may have some Retriever in me too. No matter the breed, my foster mom and most people I meet sure think I’m handsome! People take photos of me all the time! Did you notice my one blue eye?

I like long walks - especially on the beach or at the park - but I’ll walk anywhere! I like doing laps around the neighborhood to sniff and explore. If I could, I’d put my leash on myself. I also love going for car rides. You don’t have to ask me twice - I’m always ready to go!

My foster mom says I’m the smartest guy around. I don’t get on the furniture or the bed unless I am invited to do so. Boy, I sure do love to stretch out on the bed though… as you can see in one of my photos. I don’t mind my crate either. Sometimes I just go in there for some peace and quiet. I play hide and seek around the house and if you have a kiddie pool outside, you can bet I’m jumping in.

I’m looking for a new home, but I’ll make it easy for you. I come with my own things! I have my toothbrush, and my nice big crate and pillow. I even have this funny thing called a Furminator that my foster mom uses to brush me. I like being brushed because when I’m all soft and shiny I get to snuggle on the floor my favorite people and get my tummy scratched. I’ll also bring my nice food and water stand. You see, one time I was being lazy and laying down when I ate. Apparently that’s a no-no and not good for me. Now I don’t have to bend over. When I’m done my dinner, they say I get to “brush my teeth”. That’s what they call it, but I know it’s really a Dentastix.

I do prefer the ladies, and a home with no children. I would do better in a home with a single person because sometimes I get nervous around a lot of commotion and busy environments. I take anxiety medicine for that and it helps a lot! A calm environment is best for me. If I get too anxious, I might have a seizure and that can cause a decline in my behavior for awhile. I take seizure medicine now and haven’t had one since I started, which feels great!

I do really well on a regular schedule. I know when you’re supposed to get home and I’ll be waiting at the front door. Don’t worry, I won’t let you pass by until I flop down on the floor for some belly scratches.


If you are interested in meeting Kodiak or for more information, please email Sharon at



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