Rehoming Post for Rain and Hazel, the Gerbils!

Courtesy Rehoming for Rain and Hazel, the gerbils. Please contact Gracie at (302) 670-5893 for more information

They are both males, the grey one (his name is Rain) is a bit younger than the multi-colored one (Hazel) but they get along very well. I love them a lot and it makes me sad to be separated from them but they deserve better and I hope you can help we can find a better place for them to go. Thank you so much!

**PLEASE no judgment or harsh comments as this does not help the animals in need. The owners are in contact with staff at Faithful Friends to assist them in rehoming in an attempt to keep more animals out of the stressful shelter environment. If you have any questions, please reach out directly to the owner, as these animals are not in the care of Faithful Friends Animal Society.**

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