Cat Foster Care Coordinator

Full-Time 40 Hours


The Cat Foster Care Coordinator is a full-time position which focuses on placing cats and kittens in short and longer term foster homes; keeping track of the foster parents and their needs to care for the cats properly; managing all temporary trial placements in our short-term foster care-to-adoption program; and coordinating all aspects of bringing cats and kittens that are adoptable into the shelter and store partners.  Ability to research and build relationships with other shelters and rescues to coordinate assistance in larger, difficult situations.  Coordinates transports to partner shelters in the region.  


Excellent communication, recordkeeping, and computer skills.  Ability to multitask, troubleshoot, and change tasks as emergencies arise.  Mature, reliable, organized, and able to pay very close attention to details.  Passionate about cats, and respectful of all cat and dog breeds.  Experience with caring for cats and kittens.  Must be a fast learner, able to work within an established system, and follow all shelter protocols closely.  Training provided.  Ability to handle people from all walks of life and of all personalities calmly and professionally, including handling emotionally charged situations.  Able to work independently and as a team with the Director of Animal Welfare Operations, Cat Department Manager and staff, clinic staff, and other shelter and community clinic staff.  Bachelor Degree preferred. 

Flexible availability.  This position will encounter emergency situations requiring Coordinator to respond during off hours.  These situations may include need to go to shelter during off hours to address the intake of kittens, coordinate emergency vet care, and being able to foster bottle baby kittens until another foster is found.  


  • Interview and screen potential fosters for short and longer term foster care.  Maintain a list of all foster parents.
  • Maintain the cat foster care instruction manual, and ensure all fosters receive the manual.  Discuss specific areas of the manual with each foster depending on need.
  • Promote annual kitten shower, post wish list, and provide foster parents with all needed items.
  • Coordinate with foster parents the pickup of cats and kittens, scheduling of shots, spay/neuter, and placement of cats and kittens into the shelter and pet store partners for adoption.  
  • Must be flexible to adjust work hours and workdays for special or large projects and emergency situations.
  • Maintain constant communication on the welfare of the cats in the foster homes, and provide guidance with any questions foster parents may have.  Flexible availability required for after hour calls.  Document calls to/from fosters.
  • Schedule appointments for sick cat checks.  Update shot records and all pertinent information in the Donorpro system daily.
  • Develop transfer partnerships with others shelters and rescues.
  • Promote and coordinate onsite and outside kitten adoption events.  
  • Prepare adoption paperwork and packets for cats and kittens which are adopted from foster homes.  Follow up with adopters.
  • Develop and distribute customized care plans for special needs cats which are placed into foster homes.
  • Coordinate placing cats into long-term foster care, and working with foster parents to ensure we meet the cats’ medical needs, provide prescription refills and/or special diet food when needed, and update vaccines.
  • Assist with the medical intake of cats/kittens entering shelter for the first time, disinfecting and preparing cages for cats, and moving cats when there are not enough staff to handle these duties.  Able to give shots and administer medicines.  Able to handle fractious and feral cats and kittens.
  • Coordinate kittens being trapped in colonies and being brought in for foster care and adoption.
  • Familiarity with Fear Free Handling and Restraint for Dogs and Cats.
  • Work with the Volunteer Manager to engage more volunteers to support this work.
  • Work with Marketing Department to promote cats and kittens on social media.  
  • Provide weekly status reports to Director of Animal Welfare Operations and Cat Department Manager.  Attend weekly Cat Department team meetings.
  • Maintain regular communication with Manager and other key staff and volunteers.  Notify via email Director of Animal Welfare Operations, Cat Department Manager, and clinic staff of any kittens and cats brought into the shelter during off hours.  
  • Other duties as assigned by Manager.


  • Assist TNR Coordinator and Cat Department Manager with coordinating volunteers to assist with humane cat trapping in colonies where caretakers need support to get cats altered, and schedule for spay/neuter with our clinic.  Assist with trapping if necessary.
  • Support colony caretakers with identified unmet needs to care for their colony such as food, relocation of cats in situations where unadoptable cats are being harmed and where communities can’t care for the number of cats, and placement of adoptable cats among several shelters if help is needed. 
  • Work with the Marketing and Volunteer Managers to advertise for barn placements of cats that are being displaced, but who are not easily adoptable.  Assist with the transfer to barns providing education, required paperwork, and needed items.  

Must have reliable transportation 

Pet benefits for candidates who have pet(s)

Paid time off (holidays and vacation, personal and sick days)

Reference checks (2), criminal background check, and drug testing required

Interested candidates meeting the below requirements should email their resume and two professional references to