Curbside Clinic

Faithful Friends Veterinary Clinic will be resuming services by offering Curbside Medicine so that we may continue to keep to fulfill our mission of keeping pets healthy, happy and in their homes.  This mission statement extends to their people and our staff as well.  

What is Curbside Medicine?  

Appointments for pets can continue as normal thanks to the curbside approach. Instead of pet owners coming into the clinic with their pets, they can park at the curb and let the vet technician bring the cat or dog in for them. Owners should have the veterinary hospital’s phone number on hand to call when they arrive. The veterinarian and technicians can call and communicate remotely while he or she examines the pet. 

To schedule an appointment, please call or text 302-792-PETS with your pets name, reason for service, and if you need a prescription picked up and our customer service representatives will be with you as soon as they can.

How Curbside Works:

  •  Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment.
    • Park in one of the designated parking spaces, marked “Vet Clinic Appointment Parking”
  • Text us at 302-792-PETS (7387) to let us know you’ve arrived
  • You will remain in your vehicle while your pet is brought into the facility
  • A technician will come speak to you at your vehicle:
    • The tech will review the reason for their visit
    • Any vaccines/testing to be completed
    • Medical History
  • Technician will then retrieve your pet from your vehicle. 
    • All dogs MUST BE ON SECURE LEASH w COLLAR and will be double leashed with a slip lead.  
      • Dogs that need to be muzzled must be before the technician goes outside.
  • Your pet is brought into the exam room by the technician and undergoes examination and any other services communicated by the owner to the technician.  
  • Veterinarians or technicians will call you to review the examination, services administered and answer any questions you may have.  
  • You will then be transferred to customer service, where they review the invoice and accept payment by phone. We will email all invoices that we can.  
  • Once the transaction is complete, the technician will bring your pet with medications and an invoice (only if the owner does not have an email for us to send to) back to your car to head home and relax! 

Key Policies:

  • If you are sick, you must call and cancel your appointment.
  • We can not schedule aggressive or fearful animals that require an owner’s presence.  
  • If the animal cannot be handed off to the technician with minimal contact, we cannot accommodate the pet.  Owners should contact a full service facility that might be able to offer more options.  
  • Staff will under no circumstances enter a client’s car to capture or secure a pet. 
  • All pets must be properly restrained by clients prior to technician walking them to the building.
    • All dogs will be double leashed with slip leads that we will provide to minimize any risks of backing/slipping out of collars.
    • Cats must be secured in a cat carrier. 
  • Be mindful of social distancing and respiratory etiquette at all times when interacting with clients.  (Masks required)
  • First week of reopen, we will not schedule any tech appointments.

Please Note:

  • Current medical records and proof of vaccination should be email to 24 hours prior to appointment or sent via text message
  • Masks must be worn during all interactions with staff
  •  Please be prepared to make a credit card payment for services
  • Current exam fees are changing:
    • Sick visit: $48
    • Wellness visit: $38

We are not offering euthanasia services, Vaccine Clinics, Miscellaneous Surgery or Community S/N services until further notice.  

Please refer these services to Delaware SPCA in Newark, DE.  

We will be offering TNR services soon.  We will update staff on the days/times once able.