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  Queenie’s Gift

Queenie was discovered locked in a closet in an abandoned home. She had wounds and scars all over her body. It was a dire situation. After she was brought to safety at a shelter, Faithful Friends was asked to help.

Queenie’s small body showed signs of a terrible past, but our staff quickly found that despite all she had been through, she held no grudges. She greeted everyone she met with a wagging tail and kisses! This sweet girl only wanted to give love and her resilience has truly been inspiring to all of us.

We knew Queenie had the potential to be
a wonderful therapy dog and help others. She passed our Pet Therapy Program evaluation with flying colors! It was truly the start of Queenie’s new life. While she waited for a home at the shelter, she became a regular visitor at Colwyck Elementary School’s Early Education Program where she is adored by the children and staff.

In April, Queenie was adopted by a family who visited the shelter and quickly fell in love. Her new mom is a teacher who works with autistic children. She plans to bring Queenie to visit the school and continue her therapy work.

Purrs with Power

Hattie Mae was brought to Faithful Friends by a kind person who found her wandering the streets. She was a very sweet cat and was loved by everyone at the shelter. When our friends at Rockland Place Assisted Living reached out about adopting a cat for their Memory Care wing, we knew Hattie Mae would be a great match!

Hattie Mae has been calling Rockland Place home since early March. The residents love doting on her and she
enjoys making rounds and spending time with those who need her. Some say Hattie Mae is a cat with special powers and they share stories of how she knows exactly when a resident or a resident’s family member needs comfort. “She sits right by their side or on their lap. Even people who don’t like cats have fallen in love with her.”

Brenda Negron, Rockland Place Executive Director, states, “We recently had a resident who was at the end of her life and Hattie Mae stayed in her room all morning. She refused to leave her bedside even with encouragement. She knew she was supposed to be there.”

Love Lifeline

Diva was surrendered to a shelter due to health concerns. She was transferred to Faithful Friends and was very grumpy. We could tell by the way she was acting that she didn’t feel well. Upon examination, our Veterinarian found Diva needed teeth pulled and had close to 100 bladder stones! Diva received the necessary surgery and treatment and soon she was a completely different dog – very friendly and affectionate! When one of our supporters reached out in search of an emotional support dog for her mother, Diva was up for the job.

Diva’s new mom named her Kitty. She has now fully recovered from her surgery and loves taking sunny walks and going for car rides through the car wash. Her mom states, “When I’m sick, she knows right away and stays next to me the whole time. She lays with me and puts her head on my chest.”