Match Challenge 2019


Ruger is a 5-year-old terrier who was brought to the shelter when his owner could no longer care for him.He had fleas and related hair loss, so his new life at Faithful Friends began with medical care and lots of TLC. In addition to flea treatment, staff members gave Ruger some “spa time” in the bathtub which soothed the painful spots on his body. Ruger enjoyed the extra attention and soon began to feel better!

Ruger’s big smile and loving personality are hard to ignore. The Veterinary and Dog Department teams recommended that he be a part of the Pet Therapy Program. Accompanied by trained volunteers, Ruger
began visiting local nursing homes and schools. 

 Everyone he met fell in love with him! Not only did he become a wonderful therapy dog, but the visits provided enrichment outside the shelter while he waited for his forever home. And it seems the visits were exactly what was needed to find his match.  A volunteer who had accompanied Ruger on his visits decided to take him home! We are so happy they found each other and that Ruger’s work in the community as a therapy dog will continue.

Every dollar – up to $250,000 – will be matched now through February 15th.


Blade, a 12-year-old cat, was abandoned at the shelter by his owner after he no longer wanted him. The shelter was out of space and we needed time in order to provide help. Blade’s owner was not willing to wait. He released him in our foyer – and ran out of the shelter as fast as he could.

Blade could have easily escaped out the front door onto the busy roads. Luckily, someone noticed the incident and alerted staff who quickly responded. 

Blade had a strong bond with his owner, so he was very upset. With cat cages and foster homes full, staff needed to quickly find a spot where Blade could feel safe so he could settle in and begin to heal.

He was provided with a comfortable spot in a staff office. After some time, he has started to trust again and now enjoys attention from caring staff and volunteers. We are getting to know him better too! He is a very sweet cat and will make a great companion. We will ensure he gets the life of love he deserves.

Your support helps pets, like Blade, who are still waiting for forever homes at the shelter and in foster care.


Louise was running loose and was almost hit by a car when a nice truck driver stopped to pick her up. She was never claimed by her owners. We named her Louise after the truck driver (Louis) who saved her
life. Louise was in overall good health, but she was extremely anxious. We continued to provide her with lots of exercise and started her on medication to help ease her anxiety. She soon found a new home, but unfortunately it was not the right match and she was returned to the shelter. Louise’s anxiety grew – she did not like loud noises, cars, and rain. Staff worked hard to find ways to decrease her stress and find her the right home where she would thrive.

A nice family saw Louise’s story online and came
to meet her. Louise was anxious when they met so,
to ensure they had time to connect, we arranged a foster stay. Two days later, the family called and wanted to finalize the adoption. They love her! They walk several miles every day to give Louise the exercise she needs and are happy she is part of the family.

Your donation will save lives. Louise and hundreds of pets like her are safe and loved thanks to your support.



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