Host an Event

Thank you for your interest in helping Faithful Friends Animal Society! One of the many ways our supporters assist us in this mission is by planning and sponsoring an event to raise much-needed funds for the shelter and its programs to benefit animals and the people who love them.

Third-Party Fundraisers are great for groups or an individual who want to host or sponsors an event, such as a wine tasting or beef-n-beer where the profits or proceeds are donated to Faithful Friends; or in cases where Faithful Friends can be named the beneficiary of an existing reoccurring event.

Examples of Third-Party Events

  • Corporate fundraising dinner or party
  • Annual bicycle ride or 5K run
  • Large, organized music event
  • Trade organization event
  • Online or professionally run live auction
  • Veterinary or pet-related conference

Please read the Third-Party Fundraiser Guidelines

  1. Submit a description of the event at least 30 days prior, including details about the event, date, time and location, anticipated costs and projected gross income, plans for corporate sponsorship if any, names of prospective sponsors and contact information for the event coordinator. We ask that promotional materials clearly state what percentage of proceeds or portion of sales will benefit Faithful Friends.
  2. Faithful Friends Animal Society’s name and/or logo cannot be used to promote an event without prior approval from Faithful Friends’ Development & PR Manager. Copies of print materials that include Faithful Friends’ name/logo should be seen and approved by Faithful Friends’ Development Manager prior to printing.
  3. Third-party events cannot conflict with Faithful Friends’ planned events and cannot be held on Faithful Friends’ property.
  4. Faithful Friends cannot insure any third-party fundraisers. Event organizers should obtain their own liability insurance. Events that require any type of license should first be discussed with and approved by Faithful Friends.
  5. Faithful Friends cannot provide funding for third-party events. Please be aware that for any donation to be tax-deductible, it must be made directly to Faithful Friends Animal Society.
  6. If you would like to have adoptable animals present at the fundraiser, or if you require staff support, please obtain approval from Faithful Friends’ Development Manager. Please be aware that staff time is very limited.
  7. Faithful Friends can provide brochures and other informational items for distribution at the event. Please discuss quantities needed with our Development Manager.
  8. Faithful Friends can post your event on our website and/or social media outlets once the third-party application is received and approved.
  9. Products or services offered for sale with a portion of profits donated to Faithful Friends will not be advertised on our website or literature.
  10. All third-party events should complement the mission and values of Faithful Friends Animal Society, respecting animals and people in all ways. Companies that conflict with Faithful Friends’ mission should not apply.
  11. Proceeds from the third-party fundraiser should be presented to Faithful Friends within 30 days after the event.

Complete the Third-Party Fundraising Application

Your request to use Faithful Friends Animal Society’s name and logo for your third- party fundraiser will be reviewed upon receipt, and you will be contacted soon after.

Please forward this completed and signed form to or fax to: FFAS / Attn: Development Department (302) 427-2855.