Foster Needed for Biscuit!!

This is Biscuit! Since day one he has been very loved. I had been wanting to rescue a pitbull my whole life and here he was, free dog to a good home on a random post on Facebook! I couldn’t swipe away. I messaged immediately and we met just days later. My grandfather had just passed away and I was out on my own for the first time and me and Biscuit began our adventure. We bought my sparkly blue mustang together and we rode everywhere. Walked through trolley square. (He got all the girls). Took naps and he eats everything with me. EVERYTHING. He even helps me when I’m sick. I had fallen off my couch and he picked me up off the ground, nudged his head under my neck and bounced me up so I could pick myself up again. He’s got a great heart. We enjoyed many years together, just about 6 now, and recently we lost our home due to covid and being so ill it’s been very rough. Also Biscuit ended up in a very traumatizing experience, he was stabbed several times, but the wounds have healed up great! He does have a swollen ear that he takes an antibiotic for but other than that he cuddles all day he’ll watch your favorite movies with you and join you for every meal! His ideal home is no other animals and no small kids. I am looking for someone to foster Biscuit until I get back on my feet. I am a type one diabetic with retinopathy and I have more surgeries to come. I am very sick and we need your help! Biscuit would not do well having to go into a shelter environment as a senior, who is more susceptible to illness. Add on to that, him being around all of the other dogs would be very stressful for him, and he deserves so much better than that! Please email if you can help foster Biscuit until we are able to be reunited!

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