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Guinea Pigs: Hershey and Reeces

Hershey & Reeces are two sweet, squeaky, and social piggies! They were brought to us when their family wasn’t able to care for them, and they can’t wait to find a forever family! They’re enjoying their new digs, eating, squeaking, and grooming away – such happy little gals! If you are looking for a beautiful little duo – they can’t wait to meet you!

Faithful Friends will occasionally take custody and care of small mammals, such as guinea pigs, at our shelter! Guinea pigs have great temperaments, are social, and keep a daytime schedule! They form bonds with their humans, very much like cats or dogs. They’re able to recognize people according to their scent, sound and sight cues! Having two guinea pigs gives them a built-in buddy, and someone to keep them company while you’re gone. In some ways, two guinea pigs are easier than one!

Ready to adopt? Fill out an application, or visit us Wednesday-Friday from 1pm-7pm, or Saturday from 12-5pm. You do not need an appointment to visit with them; they’re here and ready to meet you!

Can’t adopt? Consider donating! We are in DESPERATE need of treats & guinea pig enrichment items for their care!

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