Pet Therapy Program

Participating in Pet Therapy could be one of the most heartwarming experiences that you will ever have. You must be comfortable working with the elderly and/or people of all ages with disabilities. You must attend a Pet Therapy Training Session then your animal must complete a temperament evaluation. We have over 50 facilities and programs across the state that we visit and we are always looking for more volunteers with friendly pets.

Animals are teachers and healers! Human-animal interactions provide a multitude of benefits to people of all ages in a variety of facility and program settings. Studies show that animals can improve the physical and mental health of individuals whose lives they touch.

Pet Therapy Programs

Our Pet Therapy Programs match caring individuals who are happy to share their well-trained, loving pet with people in the community who can benefit from and enjoy the unconditional love that an animal companion can bring them.

The LEAP Program (Literacy Education Assistance Pups)

Based in Lewes, DE, The LEAP Program (Literacy Education Assistance Pups offers literacy mentoring in schools and libraries to improve the literacy skills of children and build their enthusiasm for reading through the use of therapy dogs.

We also offer on-site opportunities through our Program for Education and Training (PET) where groups or individuals with special needs can come to the shelter and have a hands-on experience working with the pets in our care or work to enhance life skills such as cleaning, laundry, maintenance or administrative work.

How do my pet and I get involved in the Pet Therapy Program?

  • Call or email us at to set up a phone interview so we can get more information on your pet and your interest in the program.
  • Provide up-to-date vaccination records, certificate of spay/neuter and a vet reference on your pet’s temperament.
  • Have your pet evaluated by a Faithful Friends evaluator.
  • Keep your volunteer membership current ($25 annually).

How do my dog and I get involved in the LEAP Program?

  • Opportunities only available in Sussex County at this time
  • Interested volunteers should email us at for more information.
  • We will set up a time to discuss the required paperwork and other requirements needed to get started.
  • Keep your volunteer membership current ($25 annually).

How do I get my facility, program, school or library registered to receive pet therapy visits? How do I get my client or group signed up for onsite volunteer opportunities through PET?