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Pieces & Puff

Do not judge a guinea pig by its size – we may be small but we will leave a big print on your heart! Hi, we’re Pieces and Puff and just like the breakfast cereal, we’ll be your favorite too! We love to hang out and chase each other around till it’s time for naps. We love all the people we meet, especially when they visit with fun snacks! A house is not a home without a guinea pig (or two)! So if you’re looking to complete your home, come meet us!

Guinea pigs have great temperaments, are social, and keep a daytime schedule! They form bonds with their humans, very much like cats or dogs. They’re able to recognize people according to their scent, sound and sight cues! Having two guinea pigs gives them a built in buddy, and someone to keep them company while you’re gone. In some ways, two guinea pigs are easier than one!

Ready to adopt? Fill out an application, or visit us Wednesday-Friday from 1pm-7pm, or Saturday from 12-5pm. You do not need an appointment to visit with us; we’re here and ready to meet you! O

ur adoption fee is $40 together! Apply now:

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