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Pot Belly Pig: Tea

Tea is a social potbelly piggy, who is 3 years old, knows her name, and loves to be pet! Tea is a big girl and would love to find a home with lots of room for her to roam and roll… And of course, plenty of snacks to chow down on! Tea loves various crunchy snacks such as lettuce and peppers on top of her piggy chow. We can’t wait to see this very good girl off to the home of her dreams, are you able to offer her a happy forever home?

Pigs are super sweet, smart, social critters and can learn tricks, their names and so much more! We are happy to have the capabilities to have these farm friends join us as we help them find her  happily ever after! And as always, pigs are friends, not food!

If you’re interested in offering Tea a forever family, please fill out an application here:

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