Rehoming: Bear and Olly

The Light Brown/White one is Bear (our boy) and the Black, White & Brown one is Olly (our girl).
Bear – Is a little over a year and a half years old. He is very loving and can be shy from time to time. He loves Timothy hay and fresh veggies such as carrots, cucumbers and lettuce, and of course his sunburst pellets, etc. Bear likes to run up and down his ramp in his cage and hide in his hidey-hole. We originally adopted him from the pet store but through the DE SPCA. Bear was the only boy Guinea pig left after all his sisters were adopted and placed in their forever homes. He gets along well with other pets , and he currently is not neutered so we keep him and Olly in separate living areas. Overall, he’s an amazing little guy with a very cute personality. We love him!
Olly- Is 2 years old, We adopted her from a local family that decided to re-home her due to living space/ a growing family. Olly has a fiesty yet funny personality.  She definitely marches to the best of her own drum! She loves loves loves food (fresh veggies, sunburst pellets, and her timothy hay). She likes to relax in her hammock and would rather do that then to be picked up or cuddled. She gets anxious very easily when being picked up but eventually will relax once she feels comfortable with her owner/surroundings. We love our fiesty girl! ( Note: She also has not been spayed and is in her own living area here with us)
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