Rehoming: Goose

His name is Goose, he’ll be 2 in July. He’s a German Shepard, Pitbull, Staffordshire terrier Mix. He is neutered and up to date on everything. He is extremely energetic and loving and definitely a working dog. He’s pushing about 80-85lbs. He is e-collar trained and crate trained but likes to push limits and is not the best with walking on a leash. He is strangely good with cats he has a very strong bond with ours but likes to lick them and attempts to play with them in his version of ‘gentle’ which we understand can be difficult for some cats to get use to.  We have come to the conclusion that goose needs someone who can focus solely on him and can give him 100% of their love and attention and has experience with his breed. He needs someone who is extremely active and can work him in the ways he needs, he is extremely smart (when he wants to be) and definitely feels as though he runs the entire show. He is protective and loving and is also the sweetest boy. He does not do well at the vet and typically has to be sedated for visits, grooming, and nail clippings. He has hurt himself and nurses at the vets office because of his extreme anxiety. We would like to keep him in our home until the right person comes along and if the initial arrangement doesn’t workout we would like him returned to us until we can find a better suit. My fiancé is dead set in finding him someone who will love him unconditionally and will be patient with him as he continues to grow. We would like to see him with someone who will take him on all the car rides, play lots of fetch with him, let him run like crazy, hike with him, maybe even hunt with them and offer him all the things we were unable to. He would be a great farm dog. This is the most heartbreaking decision we have ever made but goose deserves to have the best life possible and unfortunately at this point we feel as though we are in way over our heads. he is a big lover boy with wonky ears and a big heart. He’s really is a sweetie and loves being outside and ‘digging’ in kiddie pools of water/dirt, he loves blowing bubbles in water with his nose and cuddling up very close. He’s great at fetch and he loves running and bouncing all over the place. He’s so smart but so silly too. He literally has no idea what size he is so he’s the least graceful dog I’ve ever met which always makes for a good laugh.


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