Lost & Found Pets

-If you’ve lost your pet, please check the State’s Lost & Found Pet Registry and make a report.


-You can find more tips to help locate your pet here.


-You can also check our Facebook page  where we post pets who come to our shelter.

-If you’ve found a pet, please check the Lost & Found Registry and make a report to help the pet get reunited with it’s owner. More information can be found here.

Lost & Found Animals/Animal Control

Faithful Friends Animal Society does not have any animal control contracts, so we do not have legal authority to do any kind of animal control or investigation of animal abuse. We also do not have the staffing or resources for this type of activity. Please click here for information about what to do if you are a Delaware resident who wants to report or get assistance with:

  • Found pets
  • Stray dogs/dogs at large or dangerous/vicious dogs
  • Animal abuse, neglect, fighting, abandonment
  • Concerns about animal housing/general care
  • A person or animal who has been bitten or scratched by an animal, including vicious dogs