Sponsor a Cat House!


Each fall, volunteers and staff from Faithful Friends gather together to build shelters for community cats. 

The houses are constructed using storage tubs, insulation and straw.
This simple but effective solution keeps community cats safe and warm during the winter months. Instructions are
provided with each cat house so that caretakers know how to best place them within the colony area and maintain them. 

This year (to keep all the humans we love safe) we will be changing the way we manage this effort. Instead of hosting a large build event, our staff will work with small groups to construct the houses. 

One thing hasn’t changed – we need your help! 

Please support this effort to keep community cats safe and warm this winter. You can do this by making a donation of $25 (the cost to produce one cat house).

They are provided to the colony caretakers at NO CHARGE. 

This year, we plan to make at least 200 cat houses. The supplies will cost Faithful Friends approximately $5,000 total. 

If you have a small group of 3-5 people who are interested in volunteering to build cat houses, please email volunteer@faithfulfriends.us.