Pet Therapy Program

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our Pet Therapy Program has temporarily been suspended. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to welcome you and your pet on our team as soon as possible. If you are interested in volunteering once the program resumes, please fill out a Pet Therapy Application so we can contact you as soon as we are able to.

Thank you for your interest in Faithful Friends’ Pet Therapy Program! Participating in Pet Therapy could be one of the most heartwarming experiences that you will ever have. We are partnered with over 50 facilities and programs across the state and are always looking to grow our number of Pet Therapy Teams. You must be comfortable working with the elderly, children, and/or people of all ages with disabilities. For additional information, email or call (302) 427-8514 extension 102.

Animals are teachers and healers! Human-animal interactions provide a multitude of benefits to people of all ages in a variety of facility and program settings. Studies show that animals can improve the physical and mental health of individuals whose lives they touch.

Become a Pet Therapy Team

Have your veterinarian complete a Veterinarian Reference Form and provide a copy of your pet’s Vaccination Records and Spay/Neuter Certificate. Paperwork can be emailed to

This application is for New Castle County opportunities only. Want to volunteer in Sussex County, DE? Email to join our LEAP Program! See more information below.

Register to Receive Pet Therapy Visits:

Before committing to an annual Pet Therapy Partnership, we can schedule a one time, group visit to introduce some of our volunteers to your facility. Interested groups should email for more information.

We also offer on-site opportunities through our Program for Education and Training (PET) where groups or individuals with special needs can come to the shelter and have a hands-on experience working with the pets in our care or work to enhance life skills such as cleaning, laundry, maintenance or administrative work. Email for more information.

The LEAP Program (Literacy Education Assistance Pups):

Based in Lewes, DE, The LEAP Program (Literacy Education Assistance Pups) offers literacy mentoring in schools and libraries to improve the reading skills of children and build their enthusiasm for books through the involvement of therapy dogs.

Opportunities are only available in Sussex County at this time. Interested volunteers should email us at for more information. You will need to fill out a LEAP Program application and keep your volunteer membership current ($25 annually).

Still Have Questions?

If you have questions about fostering, please contact our Volunteer & Community Affairs Manager at or (302) 427-8514 extension 102.