Free Pet Food Banks


Our Pet Food & Supply Bank was created to assist people who are financially struggling to take care of their pets or cat colonies. Our objective is to reduce pet relinquishment due to the cost of care and to support those who feed community cats. We welcome donations of any amount to support this free service. Stock may vary from day to day. Our pet food bank is supported by donations from individuals and local businesses. In addition to the pet food bank at our shelter, we offer four other food bank locations in New Castle County including; The Warehouse, Bellevue Community Center, Child, Inc., and New Castle County Hope Center.


Faithful Friends is now offering Pet Food Delivery to those in need! Pet food delivery on the first Saturday of every month. Our volunteers will only deliver throughout New Castle County.

The Monthly Delivery is NOT a subscription, please be sure to sign up EVERY month that you need food.

Interested in delivery? Click here to fill out our Pet Food Delivery Form.

There will be 16 slots available per delivery time. There will be two delivery time options available. The time slots are from 10 am to 1 pm and then another slot from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Please note the form will close the Wednesday before the Delivery Date OR when we hit our 32 customer cap, whichever comes first. This program will only be running on the first Saturday of every month. Faithful Friends offers a free Pet Food and Supply bank at the shelter during our business hours.

This program is meant for individuals who are unable to leave their homes or have transportation issues, if you are able to find transportation, please come to the shelter to receive pet food from our onsite food bank.

Don’t need assistance? Please consider donating towards our Free Pet Food and Supply Bank HERE

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