Pet ID9315
Breed DescriptionMixed Breed
Breed 2 Description
Age5 to 6 years

Hello, My Name Is:


What's My Story?

Naya first arrived at the shelter in sad shape –she had a severe, painful skin infection that resulted from untreated allergies. Much of her fur was missing and she was covered in irritated skin and open wounds. After receiving medicated baths and allergy medication at the shelter, she started to feel much better. Now, most of her fur has grown back and her beautiful personality has been shining as bright as her beautiful face! Naya is a very friendly, happy, sweet girl. She loves meeting people and is great with children. She is mellow and lazy for much of the day. However, she does get very excited when meeting new people or when familiar people first arrive home, and she sometimes jumps up on them with a lot of exuberance. For this reason, supervision is needed when she is greeting children. She is very smart and learns quickly. She also “points” when she catches certain scents, so we suspect her mix includes a pointer or some other hunting dog. Her favorite things are: treats, belly rubs, naps, people, toys, giving kisses, chewing on deer antlers, relaxing in the sun, and hunting squirrels. Her least favorite things are: thunderstorms, fireworks, and getting wet. Naya has been socially awkward around other dogs, so the shelter can assist with introductions for homes that have other dogs. Naya may be best as an only dog. Cats unknown.


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