About Us

Faithful Friends Animal Society is a private, nonprofit animal welfare organization with a No Kill shelter serving Delaware. Faithful Friends does not euthanize animals to make space for others. All cats and dogs in our care stay with us until forever homes are found. They receive lots of love and attention in addition to top-notch care.

Programs and services include rescue and adoption, healthy pet clinics, spay/neuter clinics, free pet food & supply bank, pet therapy services, and community outreach.

Faithful Friends is funded through private donations, grants, fees for our services and special events and fundraisers held throughout the year.

Shelter Hours

Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday: 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Saturday: Noon – 5:00 p.m.

Our History

Faithful Friends was founded in 2000, as Citizens for the Protection and Care of Animals, by a group of local animal lovers who believe there is a better way to address the problem of pet homelessness than mass euthanasia. At that time, 80-90% of animals entering shelters did not make it out alive.

Currently, about 16,000 pets become homeless in Delaware and over 5,000 are destroyed in Delaware’s publicly funded shelters. The vast majority of these pets are destroyed because of space limitations, behavioral issues and medical challenges.

These numbers do not take into account the thousands of homeless cats that huddle near dumpsters, living in fear. They need our help and the best solution is a coodinated Trap-Neuter-Return effort and a colony care program.

Pet overpopulation and homelessness is a community problem, not a shelter problem. It takes a unified effort within the community to solve the problem and to do so in a humane, effective manner.

Faithful Friends is committed to the national no-kill goal for the entire state. This state goal is in line with the goal set by Best Friends Animal Society to make our nation and no-kill nation! This means that we are committed to working for a day when all Delaware shelters save ALL healthy, treatable and trainable animals, resulting in a 90% or higher save rate.

Faithful Friends is also committed to fight for the welfare of animals in all local shelters, so that all pets in our community receive the treatment and care they deserve. We hope you will join this effort!

Our Mission

To end the neglect, abandonment and killing of pets in Delaware and enrich the lives of people by promoting and providing compassionate animal-related welfare and social services.

Our Vision

The region’s premier no-kill animal sanctuary, enriching the lives of pets and people.

Our Goals

1. Create a community that is committed to the lives of animals and humanely reduces the birth of unwanted pets through spay/neuter initiatives.

2. Find suitable homes for adoptable dogs and cats and provide sanctuary for those who – because of age, illness or temperament – require long-term or lifetime care

3. Reduce pet relinquishments and manage feral cat colonies in the community whenever necessary by providing critical support services

4. Enhance the bond between pets and people; utilize the shelter and adoptable animals as a teaching and healing tool to benefit people

5. Build from the success of the most forward-thinking leaders in animal welfare who are spearheading the national no-kill movement; reduce euthanasia rates in Delaware to reflect the national no-kill goal of 90% or better save rate. No kill is defined by saving all adoptable, treatable and trainable dogs and cats (and where community cats that are unadoptable are kept out of shelters unless injured or sick; and where instead their caretakers are supported in the community where they have made their homes)

6. Drive public policy and program development in animal welfare in Delaware to make our state the first no-kill state in America