No Kill Policy

As a No Kill shelter, Faithful Friends believes in treating every animal as an individual, with dignity and respect. Some animals arrive at the shelter nervous and anxious, but we know these behaviors are a result of their experiences or treatment. Therefore, we provide them with comfort, care, and time to settle in. We work to slowly work to gain their trust and show them they are safe and loved.

We recognize the shelter is not a home, and we work hard to promote every animal so they can find a home outside of the shelter. Any animal not able to be placed in a home is provided with long-term care, enrichment, and training; or lifetime care in a comfortable setting.

Faithful Friends Animal Society’s work is based on the national No Kill philosophy of saving all treatable and trainable animals.

No Kill: An end to the killing of all non-irremediably suffering animals.

“Irremediable suffering” means an animal who has a poor or grave prognosis for being able to live without severe, unremitting physical pain even with prompt, necessary, and comprehensive veterinary care. (

Read more about the No Kill movement at the No Kill Advocacy Center’s website.