Boris was brought to the shelter by a woman when she found him while on a walk with her own dog. The woman stated that she may not have even seen Boris if her dog had not reacted to it when he saw it.

Boris was in terrible condition. He was matted beyond belief, flea-infested and emaciated. His nails were painfully overgrown (about an inch long) and some were growing into his paw pads. Our Dog Department Manager said this was one of the worst cases she has seen in over 15 years of shelter work. We knew under all those mats and mess was a handsome dog who desperately needed our help. We began the process of uncovering the sweet boy hiding under the mess.

He was given royal treatment by our dedicated veterinary technicians and dog department staff. He got a much-needed shave and received a soothing bath. We cleaned his ears and eyes, gave him treatment for fleas, and his nails were trimmed. We also found out he was severely anemic, likely due to his severe flea infestation, and began his treatment for that as well. Right now, Boris was receiving fluids 3 times a day, B12 for anemia, two types of eye medication, and pain medication.

The extreme mats in Boris’s fur created “boots” around his feet, causing him to walk on his fur instead of his paw pads. Since having his fur shaved and mats removed, Boris needed some time to adjust and learn how to walk normally again. His paw pads were very soft and sensitive from not being used. In addition to all his medical treatment, Boris received lots of loving care from our staff. He was comfortably residing in the Dog Department Office in our administration area and was moved to a loving foster home with a dedicated staff member.

Since then, Boris has gone into his loving, forever home with his dedicated mom. Since his adoption in September, Boris received the new name Beau as well as another brother, who is also a Faithful Friends alumni! They are both living the best life possible with their mom, happy and healthy!

Your support of our Healing Touch Fund helped Boris and will continue to help other pets just like him, get the urgent medical care they need to live happy healthy lives.