Bradley was found when he joined a cat colony at Wilmington University. When Bradley joined the colony, the caretakers noticed. They were able to catch him and they saw that he was in terrible shape. They feared that he would have to be euthanized because he looked severely injured. Pam, one of the people that found Bradley, was very concerned because of his state, so she stepped in to help and saved Bradley’s life.

Our partners at Longwood Veterinary Center were able to quickly assess Bradley’s condition and despite his rough appearance, his diagnosis was scabies, a treatable condition. Bradley began treatment and after just a few days, the Longwood staff told us that although he was very scared, he was not feral.
Bradley was most likely abandoned and tried to survive outdoors for a while. They were even able to examine him without any sedation. They also noticed that he once had a fractured leg that had healed.

Bradley is currently in long-term foster care, living his best life! He is getting all the love and affection he could ever want.

Your support of our Healing Touch Fund helped Bradley and will continue to help other pets just like him, get the urgent medical care they need to live happy healthy lives.