Ming came to the shelter after she ran out of a house when paramedics arrived. When paramedics caught her they realized she was extremely emaciated and needed help! Our clinic team went right to work giving her fluids, bloodwork, etc. in order to develop a treatment plan to get her healthy again. Poor Ming is in very sad shape but she has been all tail wags and wanted butt scratches during everything.

Sadly, her body temperature was a little below average so we set her up with a heating pad and kept her covered in warm blankets. As the night went on her temperature dropped so she was immediately taken to an emergency veterinary hospital. This sweet girl was truly deserving of a miracle.

Ming’s x rays showed a normal chest. She was then put on IV fluids, b vitamins, injectable antibiotics and anti-nausea medications. Vet staff at the emergency hospital redid X-rays that showed something in her GI but it wasn’t bothering her and she was going to the bathroom regularly. While she was in her foster home, she continued on antibiotics and a special diet. Ming had settled into her foster home well and was eating frequent small meals throughout the day, on antibiotics but mostly in good spirits.

Ultimately, The foster family fell in love with little Ming and made her an official member of the family!

Your support of our Healing Touch Fund helped Ming and will continue to help other pets just like him, get the urgent medical care they need to live happy healthy lives.