Pixie and Pierce

Pierce and Pixie are a special bonded pair of 5-month-old kittens who were looking for a truly special family to take them in. These little ones came to us from the brave outdoors.

When they came in, Pierce had eye infections that we’re unable to be fixed with medicine. We knew that Pierce was young enough that she would adjust well to life without eyes and she has! This sweet girl loves affection, just like her sister Pixie! They are the sweetest pair and they don’t let Pierce being blind stop them from having the best time playing with one another, staff, and volunteers!

Pixie and Pierce were recently adopted by a loving couple who happened to stumble upon them! While Mindy was visiting the shelter with her mom to find her mom a new feline friend, she saw Pixie and Pierce and instantly fell in love! The next day, Mindy brought her husband back to meet them and he knew that it was meant to be. Pixie and Pierce went into their loving, forever home that day!