Our sweet boy Knox came to Faithful Friends from a local rescue partner and found himself sitting and waiting for the perfect home for quite some time. Knox is a big boy, around 62 pounds at only 9 months old, so we knew he needed a family who could handle his size! This big boy loved to run and romp around outside, while at the shelter he was super-smart and playful, we knew he’d make an amazing addition to someone’s family! Knox was the man while he was at the shelter and loved by everyone!

Knox is now known as Smoke by his forever family. He lives with his dad and hooman brothers who absolutely adore him. He is now an Instagram star, showing off his beauty and grace! Here’s what Smokes owner said about their new family, “We’re doing great. He’s a special boy. My sons and I needed Smoke more than we knew. I think I know he rescued us as much as we rescued him. During the day, he’s ready to rock and roll, so we stay busy. But when it’s bedtime, he likes to let you know by giving a little nibble on the hand, the same goes for the bathroom. Then it’s hard to get out of bed because he just wants to curl up next to us. Depending on who he decided to sleep with! We all call for him at night to sleep in each other’s room, but he usually picks dad’s bed, cause that’s my boy smoke!” This big boy was continuously overlooked due to our size and playfulness, so to see him now living the best life possible could not make us any happier!