Laurel’s life has been traumatic to say the least and nothing short of a miracle…

Laurel is an elderly cat, about 10 years old, who was found along the road in Laurel, DE. She was starving and covered in dirt and feces… she was knocking on deaths door when a kind person rescued her and reached out to Faithful Friends for help.

A volunteer transported Laurel from Southern Delaware to our shelter where she received gentle care, medical treatment, and dental extractions to relieve pain from infection. Kindness from a stranger saved Laurel’s life.

Laurel is now in a loving forever home where she enjoys spending her days laying on her human brothers bed, looking out the window while sunbathing. This sweet girl has been through more than most in her lifetime, her forever home is letting her live out her golden years the best way possible – with plenty of food, toys, and love… Oh, and more sunspots than she could imagine!