Orson and Orlando

Two of the sweetest kittens in cat alley just couldn’t seem to catch a break. Constantly being unseen or looked over… These two spent almost their entire kittenhood at the shelter and it broke our hearts. They were a bonded pair who suffered from Cerebellar Hypoplasia (Wobbly Cat Syndrome). Out of the two, Orlando has the more severe case of CH, but it doesn’t stop him. He likes to stay close to his brother and these two are rambunctious and love to play with each other. They are truly inseparable and so very affectionate towards people. Whenever we sat with them on the floor, they both would come over to plop down next to us or on us to get some love!

One day, while these two were out romping around playing, a lovely couple came in looking for a single kitten. When the couple noticed Orson and Orlando, they decided to give them a little affection as they are so sweet and loving. Within minutes, they were in love with each other! They knew that they had to bring Orson and Orlando home. Since then, the two have been living their happily ever after in a home with a family who loves them!