Rufus is a super sweet pup who came to Faithful Friends in July. Sadly, he was found wandering all alone, and nobody ever came looking for him. By the time a kind citizen found Rufus and brought him to our shelter, you could tell he had endured a lot.

It was also evident that Rufus loved the attention. Our staff brought him to the clinic, and he flopped onto the floor and gladly let our veterinary staff pet him and clean up his wounds. He didn’t fuss at all about his exam or treatment! Our medical team took good care of him, and he began treatment for ear, eye and skin infections.

Unfortunately, Rufus also had wounds all over his face and legs. Due to his unknown vaccination status and the bite wounds, Delaware State Law required Rufus to begin a 6-month precautionary quarantine. We focused on finding Rufus a long-term foster home that could provide him with the proper care needed while ensuring his quarantine requirements. Rufus took no time at all to settle into his foster-to-adopt home. He was so loved and very spoiled from the moment he stepped into his foster home.

It has now been 6-months since Rufus arrived at Faithful Friends, which means that his quarantine is officially over. After months together, his family decided they couldn’t live without him. Rufus became a part of their family long before he was able to be adopted. On January 25th, Rufus officially became part of the family. He will spend his days feeling loved, spoiled, and living the dream of every shelter dog!