Anubis the Great: Healing from the outside in!

A few of our animal care staff members were outside the shelter on June 18th when they noticed a sweet cat roaming around.

Typically, the outdoor cats we care for at Faithful Friends prefer to be left alone. They didn’t recognize this particular cat, but he continued to hang around and meow loudly at them. When they approached him, they noticed a large wound on his leg.

The staff knew they had to get the cat, now named Anubis, to safety so we could provide treatment for his leg. He began eating the food they provided and got closer and closer. However, they feared he would run away if they tried to pick him up, so we decided to set a humane trap to catch him.
Suddenly, a door slammed and Anubis scurried away, out of sight! We were disappointed but decided to set the trap in hopes he would return for more food.

The next day, the staff noticed Anubis again. Our Cat Department Manager, Lynn, went outside and was able to once again get close enough to give him some food. Then she scooped him up! Anubis was safe!

Once in the clinic, Anubis received a full medical exam. The large wound on his leg was infected and he had a fever. In his condition, he would not have survived long outside. His wound was cleaned and he received pain medication and antibiotics. Since then, Anubis has been recovering and doing well! Due to the unknown origin of the wound, state law requires Anubis to be on a 6-month rabies quarantine. He will remain at the shelter during that time to get the daily care he needs.

This beautiful boy loves attention from the staff who are caring for him and remains a very vocal cat! He lets the staff know he’s there by chirping and meowing! We are sure the next several months will be difficult for this active guy due to quarantine restrictions, but we are thrilled he is no longer suffering and safe at the shelter. He surely has a bright future ahead – one full of love and affection!

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