Healing Touch Fund: Healing for Harlan

On March 10th, a gentleman arrived at our shelter with a cat who needed urgent medical care. The cat, now named Harlan, showed up in the cat colony the man cares for daily. The cat had a washcloth secured around his shoulder, appearing that someone had attempted to help this sweet boy.
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Healing Touch Fund: Cooper the Big Brown Dog!

Cooper showed up at Faithful Friends' door with a kind individual who let us know that his owner recently passed away, and sadly Cooper had nowhere to go, no place to call home. Our dog team thought this senior boy would find a home easily because of his loving personality toward every person he met, and he loved kids, other dogs, and cats. Finding him a home was bound to be a breeze, right?
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Healing Touch Fund: Sick Mama Cat With Her Babies!

Mama was surrendered to us with her little ones after being saved from an abusive home before giving birth. After birth, the mom became sick with an Upper Respiratory Infection, which transmitted to the babies.
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