Cat Rescue

UPDATE 4/8/2022: Our cat staff and volunteers worked hard this week to find the 4th cat and bring her to our shelter, safely. They set humane traps and watched them daily. A few days ago they spotted her! But she was tricky and avoided the trap. Last night, our cat staff manager went to check on the trap and she was there! For now, our cat manager brought her home to decompress and get some food in her belly! She will bring her into the shelter once she has settled down.  We rescued several cats from deplorable living conditions at a local residence last week. Faithful Friends Animal Society received a request for help that involved a person and 4 cats living in uninhabitable conditions. The homeowner suffers from a mental disability and lost their caretaker several years ago. The owner was receiving help from another local nonprofit, Delaware Peace Club, and we were asked to help get the cats to safety.

Our cat department team took quick action and made their way to the house in order to save the animals living there. It was an extremely sad situation and there were signs of the life the cats, and the people, once had there. Unfortunately, it was also discovered that the home had been broken into the night before we arrived and one of the cats had escaped. Our team is monitoring humane traps in the area in hopes that we can find the lost cat and get him to safety too.

Fortunately, the other 2 cats and their former owner are all safe now thanks to Faithful Friends Animal Society and Delaware Peace Club. We understand that the cats’ owner had good intentions to care for them but was incapable of doing so. The cats are both receiving medical care and time to heal at our shelter in Wilmington and while Janson has been adopted, both Graphite and Cory are now ready for adoption. 

Thanks to your support, we can intervene in cases like this to help animals get the care they need and find the homes they deserve. Donate today


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