Faithful Friends Animal Society Donates Cat Houses Across the State

Delaware has made great strides in the last 20 years in advancing protection for abandoned, orphaned, and abused cats and dogs. However, cat abandonment and overpopulation continue to overwhelm our state because cats have been left out of the animal welfare safety net for decades

The winter months are upon us and therefore making sure our community cats are warm and safe, is a top priority. It is understood that feral or semi-social cats do not belong in shelters (unless they are recovering from injury or illness) and should remain in the community where they are being cared for, fed, and monitored by Good Samaritans and caring community members.

Providing Shelter

Each year, Faithful Friends Animal Society (FFAS) purchases supplies and organizes volunteers to build insulated cat shelters. These cat houses will keep community cats warm throughout the winter. Over the last several weeks. FFAS has gathered small volunteer groups, representatives from local businesses, and families to construct and build over 300 cat houses. Donations to cover the cost of the materials to build the cat shelters come from individual donors and partner shelters. This year, in addition to the over 200 cat houses being distributed directly through FFAS, the organization is partnering with Humane Animal Partners (HAP), and First State Animal Center to ensure the houses are distributed throughout the state of Delaware. HAP sponsored 50 cat houses for Sussex County where they will be distributed; 30 more will be distributed in Kent County with the help of local volunteers and First State Animal Center in Camden, DE.

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