Kitten Season! How YOU can help

IT’S OFFICIALLY SPRING! Hundreds of kittens will arrive at our shelter in the next several months.
“Kitten season” is a time of the year when cats tend to mate and give birth. This can be attributed to a variety of factors, such as longer days, warmer weather conditions, and more access to food. Cats can produce litter after litter until the weather turns cold again, so although this season is typically March through October it sometimes lasts much longer.
Stray cats and kittens, pregnant mama cats, and cats who can no longer be cared for by families or caretakers will all be brought to the shelter in need of care. Orphaned kittens will also rely on our help. We provide them all with the care they need and ensure they are all spayed and neutered.
To save their lives, we need YOUR help!
Foster homes provide care for cats and kittens temporarily and more volunteer fosters are always needed! They help us give mama cats the comfort they need; and provide kittens with daily care during the early stages of their lives.
Critical supplies: and
donations: are also needed to save our feline friends.

Interested in attending our Kitten Shower? 🩷Let us know you’re coming! This helps us know how many people to expect but is not required. RSVP HERE:

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