Rehoming: Asuka

Her name is Asuka (like Oscar) and she came to us in January 2021, purchased from Pet Smart. She is about a foot, without the tail healthy and sociable but we cannot keep her since we had a change in our family. She has a 55-gallon tank with double doors but someone broke the left door and I have acrylic on that one side. She has a heat lamp (2) and a UV light, a cave because she Brumates from around October to almost February, give or take time frame, but like clockwork. We love her, but my finances/budget has changed. I can’t get a larger tank or the larger lights she could use. She eats a vegetable diet with mealworms and other good stuff B dragons can have. She grew up on crickets but likes her veggies now. She likes to be held and to take baths. It helps her when she sheds. I know they can live a long time. I only wish circumstances had not changed. Please let me know if you can find someone who loves them as much as we do.
If interested, please reach out to Janet at

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