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Rehoming: Cooper

Cooper is a healthy 3 year old male. He is an orange and white short hair cat, who is neutered and declawed. Cooper is so sweet and it breaks our heart to have to rehome him. We have had him since he was around 11 months old. He is not the type of cat you can pick up and cuddle, but he will rub up against you and he likes to stroke your face with his paw. He loves to play with his toys and run around. He has started to spray on our living room wall, not pee but spray and it is only in one room. The vet feels he is acting out for some reason and it would be best to rehome him. We do live near woods and it could be the outside animals upsetting him.

Cooper is good with his sister but does like to get aggressive and play, sometimes she is ok with it and sometimes not. We do have a grand-dog that comes to visit and Cooper is not bothered by the dog, in fact they get along fine. Cooper likes to be in the same room with you and sitting near you very rarely will he sit on your lap and sleep.

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