Rehoming: Riley

Riley was adopted in May 2020. He loves to cuddle, play fetch, clean up leftovers, ride in the car, and go exploring. His energy will match yours. If you want to have a lazy Sunday, he’ll cuddle on the couch all day. If you want to go on a 5-mile hike, he’ll be right by your side. Our family welcomed a new baby last year and Riley was doing great but the baby grabbed a dog toy and Riley reacted. He would do amazing in a house with no little kids. We did his embark test and he’s 43% lab, 17% husky (he’ll cock his head and howl if you start singing), a little GSD, Brittany, and Am Staff. He weighs about 55 lbs and does not jump or lick faces. He is not a fan of the water but can swim. Fetch and car rides are probably his favorite activities. He is neutered and housebroken, knows sit, lay, stay, drop it, and chow time (for meals). We will provide everything needed: leashes, dog bags, food, treats, raised water/food dish, collars, bandanas, dog bed (he prefers the couch), rain jacket, winter coat, medicines (heartworm and flea/tick), vet records, balls for fetch. We have him insured and can transfer his health insurance as well.

If interested, please reach out to Lauren at


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