Rescued Cat Gets Ride in Firetruck to Animal Shelter

NEW CASTLE, DE (June 14, 2024) –

This morning, the Minquas Fire Company #1 had an exciting and heartwarming rescue. They found a stray kitten in Newport, hiding in the hood of a car.

The firefighters carefully and safely rescued the tiny kitten from the vehicle. The little one, who Faithful Friends Animal Society (FFAS) now named Blaze, got the full VIP treatment with a first-class ride in their firetruck to the shelter.

Upon arrival at Faithful Friends, Blaze was immediately examined by their dedicated veterinary team. We are happy to report that Blaze is in good health and will soon be available for adoption, eagerly awaiting the chance to find his forever home.

FFAS is so grateful for the heroic efforts of the Minquas Fire Company #1 and is thrilled to welcome Blaze into their care!

Blaze’s journey from a car hood to the safety of Faithful Friends Animal Shelter highlights the extraordinary efforts of our community’s first responders and the importance of animal rescue.

For more information about Blaze and other animals available for adoption, please contact Faithful Friends Animal Society at


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