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Say NO to EATS Act

Please help us protect the welfare of animals across the country.

We are reaching out to you with an urgent call to action that could greatly impact the well-being of animals across the nation. 

H.R. 4417, dubbed the EATS Act, threatens to end state protections of animals. Under the guise of “ending suppression,” this bill would make it unlawful for states to regulate their own agriculture industry if other states selling agriculture products into theirs don’t share the same standards for regulation. In other words, the federal bill would supersede state regulation of the agribusiness industry—including regulations for companion animals! 

Hundreds of protections are at risk, like abuse of dogs in puppy mills, killing of animals for wildlife trade, and painful experiments inflicted on animals for cosmetic testing. This is unacceptable.

H.R. 4417 would compromise the progress we’ve made in preventing animal cruelty. Together, we can make a difference by speaking out against legislation that puts animals in jeopardy. Please ask your U.S. Senators and Representatives to Say NO to the EATS Act!


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