35 Best Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

Because Thanksgiving is a food-focused holiday centered around turkey as the main course, taking your celebration into plant-based territory can feel a bit intimidating. But let us assure you that hosting a vegan Thanksgiving dinner is not only 100% possible, it can feature dishes that are just as satisfying as traditional ones, packed with the same fall flavors we all know and love. The spiciness of pumpkin, the heartiness of a thick gravy, and the warm fluffiness of stuffing can all be accomplished in vegan-friendly ways—believe it or not—and we’re here to show you how. Mustard-Glazed Brussels Sprouts? Pomegranate Orange Tart? Best Vegan Pumpkin Pie? Fall Harvest Quinoa and Kale Salad? How do you choose which to eat first?


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vegan thanksgiving whole roasted cauliflower

This entire head of cauliflower roasted in a soy-and-maple gravy will give turkey breast a run for its money as the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving table. Delicious, filling, and cruelty-free.


vegan thanksgiving butternut squash quinoa salad

This side salad has almost every one of our favorite ingredients tossed together in one colorful bowl. Pecans? Check. Squash? Check. Pomegranate seeds? Check!

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