Angel: An Ending Full of Comfort and Love

Angel was brought to the shelter after being found as a stray by a kind citizen. The finder immediately knew that Angel was in pain and needed medical attention, so she came to us for help. Our veterinarian examined Angel right away. She was emaciated and it appeared she had been neglected for quite some time. She had a large mammary mass, more small masses on her neck, and other growths throughout her body. It also appeared that Angel was used for breeding. Despite all she had been through, Angel did not let any of this slow her down. She was a happy girl who loved playing with other dogs and getting lots of attention from our staff. Our veterinarian surgically removed the masses and we could tell Angel felt much better!

When a previous adopter came to the shelter for a visit, they fell head over paws for Angel. They couldn’t stand the thought of her being at the shelter any longer and wanted to provide her with a loving home for the remainder of her life. She left with them that very day! She spent the weeks that followed playing, basking in the sun, and getting all the snuggles her heart desired. Angel was spoiled by her foster family and was shown the love that she hadn’t seen in years! After about a month of living her best life, Angel’s health began to decline. Her foster family brought her in and she was humanely euthanized, surrounded by all the people who loved and cared for her. Thanks to your support of Faithful Friends, the last few months of Angel’s life were filled with comfort and love.

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