Beauty: Enjoying her Sweet Senior Years

Beauty is a sweet senior who was transferred to us from a shelter in Maryland. She was found by an animal control officer, wandering around by herself. The veterinarian at the Maryland shelter did a physical exam on Beauty and believed she had cancer. The shelter often looks for local rescue partners to help with pitbull-type dogs so they reached out to us and explained Beauty needed help. As an 11-year-old with medical issues, she did not have a lot of options. When our staff members went to the shelter to look at a few other dogs, they were introduced to Beauty and were immediately smitten by her charm. We transferred her to our shelter that day. Our veterinarian removed her masses and sent them for diagnostics, which confirmed Beauty had mass cell cancer. Unfortunately, there was no way to get clear margins because of the locations of the masses. 

Beauty’s bright personality helped us overcome the sadness we shared over her diagnosis. We found a long-term foster home for Beauty with a caretaker who enjoys taking her for walks and has agreed to cuddle up on the couch with her for the rest of her days! Beauty is on medications to keep her comfortable, still follows her nose wherever it takes her, and is as stubborn as ever on her walks! She is a very special girl who just needed a little extra help and TLC to get her where she is today. Thanks to your support we are able to give Beauty the life of love she deserves!

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