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Barn Cat Success: Penelope

This is Penelope, she was pulled from the colony in South Philly where someone was poisoning the cats. The colony caretaker tried working with Penelope in her home but Penelope would get overstimulated and would lash out without warning. We decided she would be happier as an indoor-outdoor cat and we were right. Penelope loves roaming the property but comes running when called, she loves her little human and no longer lashes out. They installed a cat door in the farmhouse so Penelope can come and go as she pleases. We placed two other cats at this farm, both cats are safe and accounted for but not interested in human interaction. They spend their days together but do come in when called for dinner.

Our Cat Department Manager and Operations Director did their first barn placement together on January 4th, 2021 and will reach 200 cats placed by the end of this year!!
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