Cat Tree Rescue

🌳🐱What do Tesla Tree Service and Faithful Friends have in common? CAT RESCUE!! Yesterday, through the power of social media, Faithful Friends and Steve from Tesla Tree partnered to help rescue a sweet kitten from a tree. Early in the morning, a kitten was found in a tree on N Union St. in Wilmington. Steve, a New Jersey tree trimmer has rescued more than 100 cats throughout the Garden State, and this was his 12th rescue of 2024! He combines his love for climbing and a special set of skills to help people reunite with their pet. He lives in Pittman in South Jersey but will travel up to an hour to rescue an animal in distress (like this sweet kitten!)

🌳Steve received a call that this kitten was stuck in a tree and needed help. He quickly agreed to rescue the cat but needed a rescue/shelter to scan the cat for a microchip or take it into their care. That’s where Faithful Friends jumped in! Our cat department agreed to meet Steve before opening to intake the cat.

🐱Because 80% of orange tabby cats are male, we had named him Groot (because of the tree!) but after a vet exam, it was determined that Groot is a GIRL so she was renamed Cherry Blossom! 🌸

🌸Cherry Blossom will be available for adoption shortly and is hoping to find some indoor cat trees in her future!

 Your donation helps us continue to save the lives of pets in need, just like Cherry Blossom!



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