June Transport Dogs from New Mexico

Faithful Friends Animal Society (FFAS) is excited to announce the arrival of 21 dogs from overcrowded rescues in New Mexico. These dogs, ranging in age from 8 weeks to 9 years, will be welcomed with open arms and are eagerly awaiting their chance at finding forever homes. These dogs will be available to be seen after June 18th, and puppies will be available for adoption after June 21st once they are spayed/neutered. 

We invite potential/interested adopters to check out the adoptable dogs below and submit an application HERE

Sparkles: Approx. 8-10lbs, 1 year old – loves water and other dogs

Buck: Approx 25-35lbs, 4-5 years old – Loves other dogs, especially small dogs as he thinks he’s a chihuahua!

Cocoa, Cranberry, Oregano, Allspice, Pepper, Fig, Raisin & Clove: Approx. 8 weeks old 

Tallie: Approx 50lbs, 10-12 months old – cats ok, dog and people social, loves to play fetch and tennis balls!

Ace: Approx 11-12 months old, Large breed

Kyle: Approx 6 months old, Beagle/Hound mix

Eugene, Stella, Cutie, Lil Baby, Milkshake & William: Approx. 7 weeks old


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