Love has no Boundaries - a Cross Country Reunion

On January 26th, a family brought in a stray cat that they had found 3 months earlier. They had recently found out he had a microchip and wanted to try their best to reunite him with his original owner.

Faithful Friends Animal Society (FFAS) graciously took him in and offered to contact the owners if the microchip was up to date. Our Cat Department Team immediately went to work and scanned Faramir (named by the family who found him) to find his owner’s contact information. Unfortunately, their first attempts were unsuccessful as the phone numbers were either out of service or the mailbox was full. Luckily, there was an email listed! Our Cattery Staff Supervisor, Deanna, quickly emailed them to let them know their cat had been found and was safe and where they could pick him up.

On the morning of January 28th, they finally got a callback! Faramir’s family was able to get ahold of us and let us know they had moved to ALASKA and Faramir had gotten out while they were packing up their house, 8 months ago.

They were distraught when they had to move without him. But without hesitation, they flew back to Delaware to pick him up! Faramir, actually known as Mor’du, was getting his family back! FFAS made sure Mor’du was up to date on all his shots so that his mom could take him back home as soon as possible.

FFAS encourages everyone with a pet, to microchip them. All pets adopted from FFAS are chipped as soon as they are in the shelter’s care. FFAS also offers $30 microchip services twice monthly, during their low-cost vaccine clinics. Without a microchip, it is likely Mor’du would never have been reunited with his family.

Mor’du was a staff and volunteer favorite during his short time at the shelter, but they are even more excited for him and his new adventures in Alaska!

Mor’du, is a sweet cat who loved giving every staff member and volunteer kisses! The staff made sure everyone who walked by him, that his family was coming back for him, with a sign that read “my mommy and daddy are coming for me, I’m going home!”


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