Rescue Story: Flume!

Our team is ALWAYS hard at work! On Tuesday, April 23rd, Faithful Friends received a report of a cat stuck in a drain close to our shelter. Faithful Friends staff (both cat AND dog staff) jumped into action to try to help the cat.

they opened the drain but unfortunately, the cat hid in one of the tunnels where they could not reach her. One of the tunnels led to an exit so they set up a camera to see if she was leaving the tunnel at night but she wasn’t, she was truly stuck.

Each day they went to the drain, opened it for a while hoping the cat would come out, and gave her lots of food and treats. On Saturday, they propped one side of the drain open and on Sunday she came out on her own but got scared and ran back in! Our Cat Department Manager, Lynn, spent some time talking to her and she came close to letting Lynn pet her. She gave her a large pile of treats, and while she was eating them Lynn was able to grab her and pull her out of the drain!!!

She rushed her back to the shelter where our clinic staff started treating her, she was dehydrated and a little shaken up, and now under the care of our Veterinary Team.

This truly was a group effort from our staff and we could not be prouder!!

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