Transport Dogs from New Mexico

Faithful Friends Animal Society (FFAS) is excited to announce the arrival of 36 dogs from overcrowded rescues in New Mexico. These dogs, ranging in age from 8 weeks to 6 years, will be welcomed with open arms and are eagerly awaiting their chance at finding forever homes. These dogs will be available to be seen after May 8th. 

We invite potential/interested adopters to check out the adoptable dogs below and submit an application HERE

CINDY: 5 Month old Female, approx 20lbs (ADOPTED!) 

LILY, LARA & LOLA: 3-4 Month old Females, medium-sized dog

PLUTO:  10 month old male, approx 55lbs

TROOPER: 1.5 Year Old Male, approx 40lbs (ADOPTED!) 

LINCOLN: 1.5 Year Old Male, approx 65lbs

PERCY: 3 Year Old Male, approx 70lbs

BO PEEP: 2-year-old Female, approx 70lbs

BANDIT: 1 Year Old Male, approx 35lbs (ADOPTED!) 


MIMI:  6-7 week old female puppy (ADOPTED!) 

MR. LILO:  6-7 week old female puppy (ADOPTED!) 

RICO:  6-7 week old male puppy (ADOPTED!) 

EDGAR: 8-week-old male puppy (ADOPTED!) 

FRIDA KAHLO: 8-week-old female puppy

GEORGIA: 8-week-old female puppy (ADOPTED!) 

SONIC: 8-week-old male puppy (ADOPTED!) 

MARY: 8-week-old female puppy

AUGUSTE & ARTEMIS (BOTH ADOPTED!) : 8-week-old puppies

SALVADOR (ADOPTED!) , FAITH (ADOPTED!) , GUSTAVA (ADOPTED!)  & CARMEN (top to bottom): 8-week-old puppies

BRIDGET: 8-week-old female puppy

CHAPO: 8-month-old male, approx 10lbs (ADOPTED!) 

ROCKO: 3 year old male, approx 12lbs

MOMMAS: 3 year old female, approx 8lbs (ADOPTED!) 

LIL BEAR: 3 year old male, approx 8lbs (ADOPTED!) 

DIEGO: 12 year old male, approx 8lbs (ADOPTED!) 


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