Healing Touch Fund

The Healing Touch Fund is a special fund to support cats and dogs in our care who have special or ongoing medical needs, or require emergency medical care and procedures. Support is essential for us to continue to provide quality care for these vulnerable pets and many more just like them.

Suzi (previously Peanut)

Peanut was picked up from ACCT Philadelphia on March 8th. She was marked as an extremely urgent case after being found as a stray who was hardly moving on the sidewalks of Philadelphia. Reports about Peanut say that she was outside a known drug house and citizens told control officers that neighborhood kids had given the animal drugs. Faithful Friends acted quickly to rescue Peanut and to provide her with her emergency medical care that she needs. Time was of the essence for this very young girl who is only about a year old.

When Peanut arrived at Faithful Friends she was heavily sedated, and minimally responsive. Fluids and blood work were started immediately while she was comforted by out caring staff members. She was transferred to emergency care where she was tested for marijuana, amphetamines, and opiates. Results were positive for cocaine and THC.

Sweet Peanut had a long night under critical care and she fought for her life. She made it through the night and showed signs of significant improvements the following morning. Her tremors have not gone away completely, but she's now able to stand, walk, eat, and drink. Her care was transferred back to Faithful Friends, where she received constant care, continued to get fluids, and was monitored very closely.

She was renamed Suzi to mark the start of her new life.


Watch Suzi's features story on NBC 10 Philadelphia News






Scarlet is a beautiful chocolate mix puppy.  We first met her when her owner at the time brought her in for a check up and found out she had parvovirus.  Unfortantely her owner did not have or want to spend the money that was needed to help save Scarlet's life.  A coulpe days later Faithful Friends recieved a phone call from out neighbors across the street, they found a puppy wandering their premises throwing up.  When our staff arrived they recognized Scarlet right away.  It was clear that Scarlet;s owner had abandoned her outside the shelter and was not returning.  Luckily we were able to provide the expensive surgery that Scarlet needed here at our veterinary clinic.  Scarlet then began her road to recovery where she would eventually find her forever home.  A wonderful women named Megan provided Scarlet with her forever home.  Megan sent us a recent update on Scarlet showing us how much she is lover her new home and cuddling with her new family. 





River was brought to the shelter from another rescue.  She arrived with her mom Rain, and litter mates Forest and Fern.  The family was being treated for upper respiratory infections at the shelter, but unlike others, River wasn't responding well to treatment.  After being transferred to emergency care, X-rays showed she had pneumonia, and had to remain hospitalized.  River slowly behan regaining her ability to eat properly and gain back that puppy spunk.  River eventually was able to get back to full health and be reunited with her mom and litter mates.  Soon after River was given her forever home by a loving family who saw just how great she is.  





Sally, Susan, and Sam

Sally, Susan, and Sam were brought to the shelter by an older gentleman who had been trying for weeks to catch them.. He noticed they were ill and wanted to get them to safety. They started to decline and he was finally able to get close enough to scoop them up. The kind man was devastated to see just how sick they were when he got a closer look at them. He brought them to Faithful Friends and made a generous donation to help with their care. The kittens’ eyes were horrendously infected, worse than most of the cases we’ve seen here at the shelter. We immediately started treating them with a heavy dose of antibiotics to see if their eyes would improve. Unfortunately, there was significant damage to their eyes, so surgery was scheduled and our veterinarian removed the ruptured and infected eyes. One kitten had both eyes removed and the other two each had one eye removed. The kittens did great during surgery








If you have an interest in sponsoring the entire cost of medical care for one of the animals shown above - or another pet at our shelter waiting for specialized medical treatment - please contact Shannon O'Neill, Director of Developmet & PR, (302) 427-8514, ext. 110 or shannon@faithfulfriends.us.

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