Healing Touch Fund

The Healing Touch Fund is a special fund to support cats and dogs in our care who have special or ongoing medical needs, or require emergency medical care and procedures. Support is essential for us to continue to provide quality care for these vulnerable pets and many more just like them.


Iris, Irene, Isaac, Ian & Ivan

These five little kittens were found in Wilmington by a concerned woman who saw them in her yard. By her own admission she wasn't a "cat person" but she knew the kittens were in bad shape, so she brought them to Faithful Friends for help. These sweet little ones, now about 2 months old, have upper respiratory infections, severe eye infections and ringworm. They are receiving treatment to help them feel better as well as lots of love and care from our staff. We are monitoring them closely and are seeing many improvements with treatment. Depending on their progress, a few of the kittens may have to have their damaged eyes removed. Their treatment, medication and expected eye removal (for some) is estimated to cost at least $2,000. 

In addition, little Ivan has Cerebellar Hypoplasia (aka Wobblers Syndrome.) This is a condition he was born with and it will cause him to have some jerky movements and uncoordinated motion for the rest of his life. There is no extra treatment for this condition. Ivan can eat on his own, use the litter box, and he loves attention!. #treat4paws




Big Boy

Big Boy's journey is amazing - you may have seen his story on our Facebook page or his very own Facebook Fan Page! He came to Faithful Friends when he was 11 months old, from a family who couldn't care for him anymore. This was already Big Boy's second home. The family took him in after learning of injuries to his legs/spine that occurred several month earlier, but unfortunately they were not able to deal with the extent of Big Boy's injuries and the care required. Faithful Friends stepped in to help and through a patient and loving foster family, Faithful Friends has been able to support Big Boy through various forms of treatment, therapy and diagnostic tests. He is a sweet, playful guy who is full of life and he needs your help! Big Boy's medical cost are just over $2,000 right now and will continue to increase as we search for the best course of treatment to ensure his quality of life. #treat4paws





Tyson is a friendly, boy with a lot of energy! He was brought to the shelter just over a month ago. He is a smart boy who already knows basic commands. Tyson experienced a few seizures while here in our care and began seizure medication, which he may likely have to take for the rest of his life. If his seizures continue, he will need to see a neurologist. Tyson in now is a loving foster home and his foster family says he loves dogs, is good with their cat, and never barks! They take him to the dog park where he loves playing with the other dogs. He is also good with kids! You can help Tyson get all the care he needs by donating today. We anticipate his initial medical test and treatment will be about $1,000.  #treat4paws



If you have an interest in sponsoring the entire cost of medical care for one of the animals shown above - or another pet at our shelter waiting for specialized medical treatment - please contact Shannon O'Neill, Director of Developmet & PR, (302) 427-8514, ext. 110 or shannon@faithfulfriends.us.

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