Cat Rescue Story

As Deanna, our Cattery Staff Supervisor was doing her evening rounds on Saturday, December 3rd, she received a message from Lynn (Cat Manager) and Shezza (Foster Coordinator) about a mom cat and 4 to 5 babies that were unfortunately dumped in Canby Park. Without hesitation, she immediately jumped into action. It was starting to get dark outside and these babies were abandoned in a heavily wooded area. Not to mention the impending freezing temperatures. Just as she was about to give up her search, she finally found them in a blue tote. The mom was severely emaciated and everyone had Coccidia (intestinal tract infection .) So she loaded them up in her carrier and promptly brought them back to Faithful Friends where Dr. Sweeney helped get them all squared away. Mama Éclair and babies Strudel, Beignet, Pettifor, Croissant, and Macaroon were all brought back to Deanna’s home to recuperate. Éclair has a long way to go to get her strength back as she was just skin and bones, but the babies are happy and thriving. With time and love, we have no doubt she will be back to her normal self and safe from the harsh cold winter that is upon us.


Update: Éclair unfortunately had given everything she had to her babies and ultimately succumbed to her condition, but the babies are happy and thriving.

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